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Posted in News English,センター活動,教育・研究 on October 02,2015

DateOctober 8th - 9th, 2015
LocationDept. Drosophila Genomics and Genetic Resources at Saga campus
PresenterDr. Maria Dulcetti Vibranovski
Department of Genetics and Evolutionary Biology
University of São Paulo
Title "Introduction of Bioinformatics for Sequence Analyses"
Abstract DNA sequencing has become increasingly common and is currently important for a series of genomic experiments: genome sequencing, annotation, transcriptome and phylogenetic analyses. Therefore, having knowledge of the available bioinformatic resources and the informatic skills to analyze such data is critical. This workshop will provide an introduction to DNA sequence data analyses using simple bioinformatics tools in Unix commands such as awk and grep followed by integrated tutorial demonstrating the use of popular sequence local/multiple alignment and phylogenetic packages. The tutorial is designed as a self-contained unit that includes example data and detailed instruction for the use of several bioinformatics tools (e.g. Blast, ClustalW).
ChairpersonTim Karr

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